The embassy of  Nowa Amerika

Individual exhibition

25.02. – 25. 03. 2021

Galerie B | Frankfurt (Oder)

A mixture of an exhibition and a one month artist residency. The Galerie B is runned by the local art association, a really good chance to link exhibition with artist residency getting in direct contact with interested visitors. Thanks a lot to Jan Rudow and Jan Poppenhagen for the photo documentary and to Roksana Vikaluk and Wolfram Spyra for composing the music for the Nowa Amerika hymn. Thanks to Egbert Otto for his brilliant speech at the finissage.

Reaalsus on kokkulepe | Reality is an agreement

Individual exhibition

11.04. – 25. 04. 2018

Valga Cultural Centre | Estonia

lecture at Tallinn Art Hall Kunstihoone at 23.04.2018, 5pm
lectura at Riga (Latvia) Art Academy at 25.04.2018, 2pm

The exhibition is part of the trilogy that started off on the 3rd of April, when the exhibition “What do you see? What would you like to see?” was opened in Valga Museum. In the same day the brand new exhibition space Brivibas gallery was opened with the exhibition “Weird feeling” by Alexei Gordin.

All the three exhibitions are part of the collective research “100 poplars”, coordinated by Tanel Rander. The exhibitions are supported by the Center for Contemporary Arts Estonia and their Estonia 100 art program “Comers, Goers and Stayers – the histories of Estonian communities”.
The production and travel costs of the exhibition of Michael Kurzwelly has been supported by the city of Frankfurt (Oder).

Manipuliere die wirklichkeit oder sie manipuliert dich

Individual exhibition

18.02. – 25. 02. 2018

Künstlerbund Heilbronn, Karlstraße 55, 74072 Heilbronn

Konstrukcja Rzeczywistości | Wirklichkeitskonstruktion

Individual exhibition

20.01. – 28. 02. 2017

Galeria Okno, Słubicki Miejski Ośrodek Kultury ul. I Maja 1 | PL-69-100 Słubice

Konstrukcja Rzeczywistości jako metoda stosowana

Individual exhibition

8. – 18. 09. 2016


Projektraum Schwedenstr. 16 | D-13357 Berlin

Space identity

Group exhibition


Tabakfabrik Vierraden
Schwedterstraße 19
16303 Schwedt/Vierraden

Słubfurt, Nowa Amerika, Weisse zone…

Individual exhibition


Kulturzug Berlin-Wrocław

Asylum in Słubfurt

participatory installation, participatory happening

participatory installation

participatory happening

Kleist Forum (im Foyer)
Platz der Einheit 1
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Boom, Bubble & Blast – „Sztuka przeciwko Kryzysu“

group exhibition


Riesa Efau, Motorenhalle
Wachsbleichstraße 4a
01067 Dresden

Nowa Amerika Tours

Installation, Video


Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien
“Gute Nachbarschaft? | Dobre Sąsiedztwo?”, Curator: Magda Ziomek-Frąckowiak

Witamy w Beelitz

Video (2008)


Gdańsk City Gallery / The Günther Grass Gallery

“Nachbarn – Sąsiedzi”, Curator: Magda Ziomek-Frąckowiak,0,0,170,Sasiedzi_polsko_niemieckie_wystawy_w_4g_i_CWS_Laznia,0,0,index.php

Słubfurt miasto nad Odrą


26.02.-13.03. 2011

Freies Museum Berlin
“The European Record”

 Słubfurt miasto nad Odrą

installation, video


Mediations Biennale Poznań/Poland “Erased Walls”, Curator: Sławomir Sobczak