Daily Newspaper PROFIL

The daily of the city of Słubfurt is called "PROFIL". It does not appear every day, which strongly emphasizes its uniqueness.



The capital city’s radio station of Nowa Amerika is called the „Freie BürgerRadio Słubfurt“ and is an internet radio station created by the residents of Słubfurt. The offices of the radio are located in No 6 Lindenulica and were inaugurated on 11 May 2012. The young team provides broadcasts on an ad hoc basis and is happy if more employees and correspondents from all over Nowa Amerika join the station.

Since 1 July 2018 the radio station has been offering a 24-hour programme seven days a week as a non-commercial local radio station. The radio station represents community involvement, diversity and music that is not part of the mainstrain. Radio Słubfurt has also been broadcasting on FM since 2021.

Radio Słubfurt

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