Development of the Nowa
Amerika Civil Society

Słubfurt Media Center

The Słubfurt Media Center belongs to the University of Nowa Amerika. It is part of the library of the Collegium Polonicum and can be visited during opening hours. The media center collects ideas, media, objects and personal recollections concerning the topics of border and identity, making them available to the general public. The Słubfurt Media Center will be grateful also for your donations towards its collection. Here, you will also find many publications from civil initiatives working on both sides of the border. Most student projects developed during a liberal arts seminar at the European University Viadrina on the topic of border and identity are also documented and on display in the media center. We look forward to collaborating with likeminded people, with schools and other educational institutions who are all welcome to use the media center at any time. Furthermore, we will be happy to engage in talks, discussions, lectures and workshops.

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Nowa Amerika University

The Nowa Amerika Uniwersytät (University of Nowa Amerika) is a research laboratory which serves to develops practical solutions in educational, scientific and artistic fields based on the values of civil society. The events of the university take place all over Nowa Amerika as required. One of the buildings of the university is the Polonicum which also houses the media centre of Słubfurt, the Słubfurter Mediathek.