Słubfurt new year’s reception

Samstag | Sobota | Saturday, 21.01.2022
18:00 | 6pm
Brückenplatz | Plac Mostowy
Carl-Philipp-Emanuel-Bach-Straße 11A
15230 Frankfurt (Oder)

Słubfurt was founded in 1999 and included in the Register of European Town Names (RETN) in 2000.
This is something that can always be celebrated. That’s why the Słubfurt Association of the same name invites all cross-border citizens to welcome the New Year together with Polish-Cameroonian snacks, a performance by Piotr Zilitynkiewicz, the inauguration of our new office in the yurt, an exhibition about the activities on the Bridge Square 2022, the publication of two brochures, and with music and dance handmade by our citizens.