Nomadic Garden – the flying Nowa Amerika Uniwersytät

The Nomadic Garden aims to research the cultural needs of the residents of Nowa Amerika and also to recruit new Nowa Amerikans who would like to join the social and cultural activities of our network. The Nomadic Garden is a metaphor for our German-Polish border region as a garden that we cultivate together. The Nomadic Garden is a mobile garden. Usually we associate a garden with a permanent location – gardens are created, blossom and then die in the same place. The Nomadic Garden however appears suddenly only for a day at unexpected places where people normally don’t have access to a garden, who don’t visit gardens and don’t participate in a garden culture. Thus in 2017 we travelled from May to September with a nomadic tent through Nowa Amerika and spent one day each in the following 15 places which are listed in chronological order: Cigacice, Słońsk, Steinhöfel, Słubfurt (FrankfurtSłubice), Bautzen, Drawsko Pomorskie, Ośno Lubuskie, Muszkowo, Zielona Góra, Torgelow, Bad Freienwalde, Lunow-Stolzenhagen, Szczecin, Głogów, and Cedynia. We spoke to the locals about their place, we talked about the negative and the positive sides of each place and collected suggestions about changes, ideas and visions which we incorporated into a regional plan. The discussions were video-recorded and thus 15 films were created with spirited portraits of the 15 places we visited.






Drawsko Pomorskie

Ośno Lubuskie


Zielona Góra


Bad Freienwalde